Conor McGregor vs Khabib confirmed at UFC 229

It has been over 20 months since McGregor set his foot inside Octagon. The last time was during the tackle and UFC 205 victory over Eddie Alvarez.

In April, the 30-year-old Irishman was stripped of the 155lbs crown out of inactivity. The belt was then claimed by the well-spoken Khabib Nurmagomedov. His return was however delayed through his antics at the UFC 223 media day. He threw a dooly through window ferrying the other fighters.

McGregor vs Khabib

It was just last month whereas popularly known, ‘the notorious’ dodged a jail time out of his recent heinous act. The misdemeanor left Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg with facial and eye injuries. This gave him the path to return to his cage.

The first Irelands UFC belt holder then confirmed his comeback to the cage by the end of the year. The New UFC lightweight champion will, however, be the man to welcome him to the cage. The showdown between McGregor and Nurmagomedov was recently announced at the UFC’s third quarterly press conference of the year. It was after the announcement where McGregor threw a bombshell in the social media through his twitter account and Instagram pages including photos of him training in UFC shorts. None of the men was present during the announcement, however.

Honey I’M Home

The photo caption released by McGregor in the social media read, ‘honey I’m home.’ His successor, Nurmagomedov, at the summit of the lightweight division, will be welcoming him back to the Octagon. The two will be facing each other at the UFC 229 that will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in at least nine weeks to come.

For the duo to meet, it has been a prayer t many. A bout between them continues to rise on many martial arts fans’ wish list since UFC 205. This is was after McGregor received the WWE call out from his successor at the summit of the lightweight division. Since then the fight has been so anticipated by so many people.

The desire to see them in the cage locking horn increased exponentially the Aprils’ media day at Brooklyn during the dolly’s saga. Amongst most of the fans, Nurmagomedov has higher chances of beating McGregor and have his way with him. They suppose he will easily take him down just like he has previously done with other 26 opponents he has faced.

It is not official but we are Close

We can tell that there are ongoing negotiations in the look of things but it’s very straightforward that they will bore fruits. Speaking to the TMZ, McGregor side earlier in the week, ’It’s not official but we’re close.’ He also added that he believes and hopes to be in action before the end of the year which raises more hopes on this historic anticipated match.

Speaking to the ESPN, the SBG Ireland head coach said, “It is a clinched to say. But it is a classic sticker versus a grappler. I think a lot of so many people are so afraid of Khabib’s grappling, they don’t engage him. Conor is a good grappler. I know that a lot of people will be upset when I say that, but watch his fights, there’s plenty of evidence to support that.”

The head coach, John Kavanagh is therefore well aware of the tough task that is ahead of the most famous student. There is great that he needs to overcome s as to hand the maiden loss to Nurmagomedov. He, however, believes that McGregor is more than cable of doing that.

Nurmagomedov speaking to FOX 30 said, “I can’t believe we are going to fight, because I really want this guy. Make him humble, a little bit teach him and not only smash but change his face. Of course with face, I can change his mind, too.” He believes that he will beat McGregor but still acknowledges that this will not be a pushover.

The last outing McGregor had in the combat saw him in the multi-million-pound boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. he, however, lost in the tenth-round TKO. Through the intensive training in the boxing-only training camp, there are great wonders that have happened according to Kavanagh. Speaking to the Express Sports he confirms the improvements they have made through the time after the fight with Mayweather.

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